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Your customer can't work with you

if they can't find you.

Paula Mattisonsierra

Power Marketing SF, Freelance Marketing Director and your MacGyver of Marketing

The About Story

Power Marketing SF (PMsf) is a digital marketing department for small to mid-sized businesses. PMsf manages the touch-points along your customer's journey; bridging the gap between running your business and reaching your sales goal. 


Add our marketing expertise to your team; allow our team to get you back to the business of running your businesses.


Power Marketing SF is focused on your revenue growth by offering the following services:

  • Strategic Marketing Plan.

  • Day to Day management of your digital marketing tools.

  • Marketing Coaching.

Meet Paula

Paula Mattisonsierra is the Principal of Power Marketing SF; an off-site digital marketing department.


Ms. Mattisonsierra has 25 years as an Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Event Planner, Marketing Executive, and Business Owner. Her broad background in marketing covers advertising, sales, public relations, product development, and special events; allows for seamless adaptability to a variety of business environments.


Paula Mattisonsierra

Ms. Mattisonsierra's background arches over a variety of areas from managing $85 MM in Client marketing dollars to starting her own product-based business to consulting in the field of marketing and operations with other businesses.


She has been a serial entrepreneur, "I have had great successes and had some failures; however, all of these experiences have prepared me to be a valuable asset to our Clients".

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