We are your fractional marketing department!

Paula Mattisonsierra

Fractional CMO, Power Marketing SF

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Our continued social media mission is to offer operational information to benefit our business viewers as well as other interested viewers. In order for your marketing plans to be effective, you must first have great operations, in order to effortlessly onboard your new customers and maintain your existing customer relationships.


"PMsf provided targeted guidance on our website refresh, which has received universal accolades..."


Steve McCoy-Thompson

Executive Director, Full Circle Fund (Board Member of Urban Solutions)


Some of our marketing management activities include:

  • Brand rejuvenation.

  • Website Development.

  • Designing the visuals involved in your marketing.

  • Storytelling for your business – sharing your unique story.

  • Social Media Posting & Management.

  • Social Media Advertisement & Management.

  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.


Activities will vary based

on individual Client needs.